LMS and LXP, choosing the best platform to host and administrate your training.

LMS stands for Learning Management System. LXP stands for Learning eXperience System.

They are each essential to embed your trainings, modules and sequences, and follow your learners.

But with some notable differences.

The main difference is that an LXP is more capable of following your learners. More data are collected, and social activities are developed in an LXP.
An LMS is another solution to handle courses, and sequences, deliver them to learners and collect just minimal data (course completion and time).

 The best platform is all about your learning goals, again, your type of content, and your learners.

Millennials will prefer fast learning of 5-7 minutes, focused on one particular goal, with social interaction possibilities, comments, and sharing content, …

LMS could better suit a formal course with PDFs or written documents demanding more time to learn.

Questioning your learning wishes and resources still be the best recipe for choosing the right product.